Gina and Zachary

How we met

Gina and Zachary met at the old KKTV 11 News studio in December 2013. Gina was visiting the station for the first time and Zachary was already working there as a reporter/producer. Gina asked Zachary if she could shadow him as he put together his story for the newscast. They talked about Telluride, hiking, and news.

Fast forward to November 2014, Zachary and Gina were working together on the morning show. One time Zachary was producing the noon show, and he saw Gina getting ready for a live shot. He said out loud, "She's cute as a button!" They began hanging out after work as friends, but soon they would realize there was something special between them. They finally admitted their feelings for each other at the annual 'Gingerbread and Jazz Event' in Colorado Springs.

On their first four dates, they had drinks, went rock climbing, and ate sushi!

Melanie Severin