Meringues with Fresh Berries

I have been seeing meringue cookies around lately, and decided Zach and I should try our hand at them. I have actually never tasted them, so in making these I wasn’t quite sure what to look for.

We used a similar recipe for the meringues as this one, except that we only used one egg white with the appropriate amount of powdered sugar.

The first batch we made came out a little brown, we baked them at 250F as per the book’s instructions. Thanks to our handy dandy Kitchen-Aid mixer, whipping up another batch was not a problem. After further research online, we decided to bake the meringues at 200F (with the door slightly open) rather than 250F. They burned just slightly on the edges, but we took them out as soon as we saw that to prevent further browning. Anyway, read the recipe for a full tutorial. It’s always helpful to read the reviews, also, before attempting the meringues.

After the meringues had cooled, we made a fresh berry drizzle-y syrup. The syrup was simply: water, sugar, strawberries and blackberries cooked over medium-low heat until the berries were soft. After pureeing and straining, this made a nice topping to drizzle over the meringues.

Serve the meringues with the syrup, berries, and a bit of fresh mint, you’ve got either a sweet breakfast or dessert.

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  1. Ice cream hits the spot but with ya know good ol’e diabetes I cannot eat that anymore. This does look good and it is making it so hard for me not to go get some ice cream. Your Aunt is craving ice cream too, you guys cook up the best foods.

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