Bran and Walnut Muffins

Hey all, this is actually a recipe that we made a while ago. We were looking for an inexpensive, healthy, and easy way to eat breakfast and decided that premaking muffins on the weekend would be our best bet. Sprouts farmer’s market has a great bulk bin section where they sell flours, wheat bran, etc.

A link to the recipe can be found here

We decided to omit the blueberries, and instead put honey coated walnuts in the bottom–very good decision. These muffins turned out moist and tasty, even for several days after we made them! The best part is that even with the walnuts, these guys came out to less than 200 calories a piece and more than filled both Gina and I up with a glass of milk. Also, with those low of calories, you don’t have to feel bad about having a second one.

I know it’s been a while since we posted. We’ve been pretty busy lately, but maybe we can get back into it!


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  1. Oh Boy! These muffins look delicious.

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